Influence of Carrier Phase Shifted SPWM on Output Voltage of Multilevel Converter for Rail Transit

Liujian Zhang1, Xun Wang1, *

DOI: 10.XXXX/jstit.202002_1(1).0001

Advancement of Rail Transportation System and Its Operation in China

Tiefeng Peng1, *

DOI: 10.XXXX/jstit.202105_1(1).0001

Optimization and Modeling of Voltage Model Flux Observer of Vector Control System for Traction Motor

Liujian Zhang1, Xun Wang1, *

DOI: 10.XXXX/jstit.202111_1(1).0002

Research on Modal Parameter Identification Method of Railway Carbody Based on 6-DOF Vibration Test Bench

Jia Zhang, Jinghan Wen, Ye Song*, Pingbo Wu

DOI: 10.54907/jstit.2021-02-02-03


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